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Meditation, Detoxing, Ayurvedic Facial Yoga,

Life-coaching & Psychotherapy

Exclusively at ‘The legendary Rupin’, Sangla Valley, Kinnaur

These courses take place in a vast wild region of the remote Himalayas historically known as being the most favorable place for self-reflection and meditation.

Some of Man’s greatest insights into the nature of reality have taken place here. Today, it can be felt ‘in the air’; what quantum physics calls ‘the eternal memory of the unified field.’

Why is this important?

2020 is predicted to be a life-changing year on all fronts, for humanity and the Earth. This means there is no better moment to spend time reflecting our life passage, its purpose – and what stands in the way of living our true destiny. Therefore, these innate tools help to keep us healthy in every way.


It’s also beneficial to learn these techniques in groups (for those who wish to personally organize them.) Training groups follow for those who want to use the methods to help humanity. (See psychotherapy section).

The Process 

Packages vary according to personal needs and the amount of time you can spend, so please contact Mary Kingsley first by email regarding what package you’re interested in. Then a phone conversation is needed to arrange what suits you best.


Mary’s qualifications, work-background and experience are at the end of this link – and in the team page.


Whether you are visiting from within India or abroad, our team can arrange your entire journey from Delhi and back.

The 3-day detoxification process involves consuming only fresh vegetable juice, clear soup on the first day.

On the second and third day, only warm water and cleansing herb teas are consumed. If this process is undertaken for 7-days, the effects on mind, body and soul can be astonishing.

A one-hour consultation is necessary on your arrival to determine the most beneficial means needed.

At least one full body massage is advised for toxic fluid drainage and also the use of gentle Ayurvedic laxatives and diuretics to aid elimination.

Cost can only be estimated according to individual needs, but it works out to around 6,000 rups for the 3-day course with full treatment, and around 10,000 rups for 7 days – including a daily consultation.

Notable physical changes take place by the end of the 2nd day – and more so if a smoker ceases during this time. Fluid trapped in fat is shed and if a healthier diet is followed after this process, a person’s body weight quickly normalizes.

Please see the principles behind fasting on YouTube;

Life-coaching & Psychotherapy

Sharing our lives and most intimate feelings involves a certain kind of willingness for self-honesty; to get to the truth and root-cause of why we are unhappy.

Surprisingly, this can be harder with well-meaning friends and/or family, simply because they are apt to be too personally involved to ‘see the woods from the trees.’ 

What the courses involve? 

Basically, turning our attention inwards and allowing repressed feelings to surface involves letting go of the inner critic which blocks us from knowing what we really feel. It’s about moving past shame, as well as trusting that the person listening will not judge us or exploit us in any way.

From this, we can see ingrained patterns, where we didn’t trust our instincts which aid us in moving through life with greater awareness.

It’s essential the therapist has been trained, which in psychotherapy means the student has to undergo their own self-exploration with someone senior – who like-wise has been through their own process.

It needs to be stated that confidentially is taken seriously with the understanding that nothing shifts unless trust is sensed during the twice daily 2-hour sessions.

Life-coaching or Psychotherapy?

Life-coaching is more interactive; for those who want to change their lives in whatever way and seek some guidance. There are two 2-hourly sessions morning and evening, along with plenty of time in the day for self-reflection walking in the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

The same structure applies, but the focus is on a particular problem. Exploring confusion; allowing feelings to surface that have been de-pressed, which is the root-cause of depression and many other ailments, including those that have only been able to be ex-pressed via physical symptoms.

Group Therapy

Coming together to openly discuss intimate feelings is a powerful tool for being mirrored in relation to the way we interact generally.

It involves committing to a bonding process of trust. It’s used in relation to drug addictions because of its supportive affects. It’s also essential in family therapy.

Psychotherapy is beneficial for the following;

  • Drug/sex/anger/food addiction
  • Bereavements
  • The divorce process
  • Self-destructive patterns
  • Acceptance in relation to the dying process
  • Eating disorders
  • Couple & family therapy
  • Panic attacks, irrational fears & depression
  • Suicidal thoughts

Ayurvedic Facial Yoga

Toned Muscles, Healthy Skin &Vitality for Life ©

The life/beauty/intelligence of water and learning how to use it

Learn to

·         Exercise muscles according to facial contours to restore firmness and keep your face looking radiant for life

·         Be free of early morning puffy-eye syndrome and skin problems caused through toxins

·         Tone, cleanse and revitalize your face/head which takes only 5 minutes


·         Hydrate your skin using simple Yogic water techniques and live plants.

What is Ayurvedic Facial Yoga?

This form of Facial Yoga was invented by Mary when she was 19-years old due to suffering facial injuries in a car accident. Today, and only in India, her method has been incorporated into Yoga teacher trainings that have spread around the world.

With ever-increasing pollution, our nostrils and mouth act like a virtual vacuum cleaner, absorbing pollutants on a daily basis. Knowing how to remove toxins absorbed through the nose, mouth, ears, facial skin and eyes keeps the head area vitalized which affects our entire body – and also increases mental clarity and awareness.

Most people want to try facial yoga because done correctly it dramatically reverses the aging process. But its overall health benefits are the ultimate goal due to the way it increases circulation in the head/brain which also wards off aging diseases, such as Dementia. 

Increase Awareness

Our brain receives over 2, billion bits of information every second, as well as co-coordinating and maintaining our entire physical system. Most people are only aware of around 2,000 bits of information and mostly hold onto what serves them the most whether this beneficial or not.

This means increasing circulation in the head/face area, using gentle methods, naturally helps the cells, muscles and skin tissue to repair and rejuvenate.

We have developed numerous strains of Yoga and hundreds of other exercise techniques for the body, but have given little consideration to the health of this most vital part of our physicality.


Because our faces are in constant motion, the skin is designed to be more firmly attached to muscles. This means correct exercise, according to our facial contours, firms muscles, smoothing out facial lines naturally.

The other factor is that it can it can change our facial structure, such as those born with ‘double chins’ or who naturally have sagging jowls or thin lips.


If you have been using Botox regularly, you need to allow for its affects to wear off, which usually takes around 3 months. If you have had facial surgery, you need to wait for a minimum of six-months to allow the vulnerability of scars, muscles and skin to heal first. And if you have had ‘fillers’ this method is not recommended.

What the course entails?

At least three days is needed (2-hour sessions morning and evening) with 5-days being preferential. If this is added to our detoxing program, the benefits are dramatically increased.

If you would like to come with a group of friends, then seeing how to use this technique for different face-types areas/problems gives in-depth understanding of just how powerful this method is.

To ensure you have learned the practice properly, at the end of the training a film is made (with your mobile) showing you doing the exercises with the aid of Mary. There is also a before and after photo showing how dynamic the affects are.

Cost – Rs. 25,000

Health & Well-Being Facilitator

Mary Kingsley is from a Scottish linage born in London in 1954. Her research into human psychology and mysticism spans over fifty-years. For thirty years she worked in various fields of mental health in London before retiring to the remote Himalayas for further research.

She began a career in social care, including nursing the terminally ill, and then underwent three psychotherapy trainings. She also trained in various alternative therapies and studied yogic practices.

Mary practiced full-time as a psychotherapist in London for over twenty-years and was a pioneer in synthesizing diverse schools of psychological understanding, and then went on to create a UKCP (government registered) psychotherapy training. She also taught in other training institutes, as well as having a part-time practice in the N.H.S with a team of doctors, introducing psychotherapy into mainstream medical practice.

In India, initially she lived for four-years with a group of rare Yogis in the jungles near the Ganges. She then moved to the remotest Kinnauri side of the Himalayas in order to undergo deeper research into meditation, ancient Yogic Science, Quantum Physics and Extrasensory Perception with Nature (ESP).

She also studied ancient Sadhuism and has been initiated/registered (in a 3,000 year old Shiva temple) into the ‘Puri’ linage (‘Mira-Puri’) and spends winter months doing Seva and being on silent retreat.

Mary has guided uncountable people over the years, run Vispassana retreats in the UK and India, and also written extensively about her experiences. She is a supporter and fund raiser for a girl’s orphanage in the remotest Himalayan regions, as well as a wrestling Ankara ashram in Delhi that trains young people in this oldest form of self-defense.

Wrestling ashram in Delhi that also supports many of the homeless in the surrounding area

Quotes taken from character references (sources on request)

Dr Nigel Hamilton PhD, M.A. Couns.Psych. Dipl.Clin.Psych. Member UKCP,   Director and founder of CCPE (UK psychotherapy training)

I have known Mary Kingsley since 1984 when she trained at CCPE as a psychotherapist and where I am the Director; I have known her in the capacity of Tutor, Supervisor and Spiritual Guide.

Mary was innovative and highly successful in her work until her retirement after a total of 30 years working in various areas of the caring professions. Over the years I have known her I have experienced Mary to be a person of the highest integrity and upstanding character.

She is also deeply committed to her spiritual service and Seva to which she devotes her life and performs with total selflessness. I have complete faith in her honesty and goodness of character.

Professor David Brown: world leading research scientist, inventor of the drug ‘Viagra’, senior advisor to ‘One World Health’ and chairman of four of the world’s top biotechnological companies, as well as being in a senior position in eighteen pharmaceutical companies.

“Mary has a deep love of India, its culture and philosophies. She expresses this through her Seva and in particular, her excellent work in support of a children’s orphanage in Himachal. I have visited Mary at the orphanage myself with my family and can vouch for the good work she does there and the high regard with which she is held.’

Professor John Hurrell Crook:  Numerous awards in the U.K for his research in animal behavior and psychology; author of the famous book ‘The Yogin’s of Ladakh’ (1997) & ‘World Crisis and Buddhist Humanism.’ (2009). John is honored by Jammu and Kashmir academy of Art, Culture and Languages for life-time contributions to the study of Ladakhi culture.

“Mary has a deep affection for India which began in her early teens and now she has an extensive knowledge of the country, especially of Hindu spiritual life. Her experience has been hard-won through personal residence with teachers and religious adepts to a degree far beyond the capacity of most Europeans. She has formed many friendships in India and gives untiring support in encouraging Indian people to be proud of their heritage and culture.”

Bill Petrie; Psychologist, Psychotherapist and president of Wilderness Retreats in South Africa

‘Mary Kingsley is – without doubt – the most courageous truth-seeker I have ever known. More than 50 years have been utterly devoted to the question “Who and what are we?” and, through her heroic journey – she has discovered the essence to which mystics have alluded for thousands of years: We are one – and the nature of One is Love and we know this through the deepest aspect of our Hearts. Hers is a story that needs to be told.’

Dr. Dinker Palande: Chairman of CERTH INDIA – consultant plastic surgeon restoring those suffering from facial deformities in relation to leprosy and founder of several charitable organizations for those suffering from Tuberculosis, Leprosy and H.I.V.

“Mary has a deep interest in India and Indian philosophy. I have been very impressed with her simple, austere living and her very humane attitude and approach to life – and her excellent character. I have no hesitation in recommending that her continued stay in India would benefit our people in their developmental and humanitarian work.”

Professor John W. Daly:  Chairman of AIST (UK), senior lecturer and programmer/director in ‘Child & Family Therapy’ D.M University, Canterbury University and Chichester University (UK), author of ‘Symbols of the Soul’ and various papers.

“I have known Mary for 30 years and of her sincere efforts to relieve all forms of mental suffering. Along with those who have known her over the years, I am very fond of her courage, integrity and deeply compassionate nature.”


For more information on courses, contact;
marykingsleyindia@googlemail.com or Jishtu@himalayadiscovery.com

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